Looking for the best surf and yoga camps around the world? Look no further! We have Surf and Yoga Retreats in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Bali, Maldives and Canary Islands. check out more details about each camp below.


Become one with the ocean, that is our philosophy of life at Surf and Yoga retreats. In all our retreats we offer you the opportunity to rediscover yourself:

For us surfing is about having fun in the water, but also constantly pushing ourselves to improve and grow. During your stay with us we transmit this mindset and feeling of freedom. The ocean is a place where you can forget your problems, simply feel the water surrounding you and enjoy the beautiful gift nature has given us.

Alongside surfing, our retreat also offers different yoga programs that you can mix and match to your desire. Yoga is the perfect practice to rebalance, rediscover and grow in your body. We believe that yoga and surfing work in harmony to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. The three key elements you will need to master surfing.

For us Yoga also is about releasing any built up tension and helping you find that inner place of comfort and relaxation. Surrounded by our jungle garden, enter your mind and discover how important the connection between mind and body is by simply taking a step back and hitting the pause button.



Located on the third bay of Mirissa town and close to Weligama beach, it’s the perfect place for you to begin your surf journey as the Best surf point for beginners is just minutes away. Our tropical camp is perfect for those seeking great waves, as we are located near many different surf points which are suitable to different levels. The jungle garden is such a treat! You can soak up the good weather sunbathing around the swimming pool or enjoy a refreshment in our nice vegan cafe and bar. Good vibes assured!


Our camp is in the heart of Arugam bay and just a step away from 2 of the most famous Sri Lankan surf points. Everything you could need is just a hop away( shops, bars and restaurants). But if you are feeling a little lazy in camp we have a vegan cafe. Don’t worry, we have everything covered! If you enjoy nature then you will love the surrounding landscapes. Don’t miss out on spotting some wild elephants, crocodiles and other beauties. Here you can enjoy the Indian ocean sunset from some of the best spots in the East.


Located a doorstep away to the Nationalpark, our Surf & Yoga Villa in Vale da Telha is inviting with a charming location within the Nationalpark of the coastline of Alentejo. You find the perfect location to recharge your energy in the peaceful surrounding of our backyard. You enjoy premium distance to the famous surfing breaks Arrifana, Monte Clerigo and Amoreira and the layed back & eco-friendly Village of Aljezur. You find a peaceful area to practice Yoga, Meditation & Soundhealing. Be excited to seek relaxation, sun, surf, yoga and more. Join the vibe!


Surf & Yoga Bali combines the two special worlds of surfing and Yoga on the highest level. Here you get teachings about the meaningful Yogi life, you dive deeper into the rhythm of sound and experience different elements like water while an epic surf. 

Feel invited to one of the most unforgettable retreats of Bali that that may change your life in a heartbeat. 

 “Bali is more than a place – it’s a mood, it’s magical. It’s a tropical state of mind.” 


Our plant based lifestyle will make you feel great! Our retreat is located in the town of Lajares. Tucked away from the busy daily life of the island, here you can relax around the pool in complete silence. The retreat is the ideal place for meditation and yoga, as its calm environnement let’s you fully appreciate the lessons. Surrounded by beautiful lunar landscapes, volcanoes and the water it is ideal for disconnecting. Surf, sun, yoga and fun. Come and catch some sub-tropical waves with us!


The island life you always dreamed of…

Slowly letting you embrace island life, Surf & Yoga Retreats welcomes you to the Maldives. Built-up of an amazing 1200 separate islands and 26 atolls, we are located on the peaceful island of Mulah in Meemu central atoll.

Dancing between the crystal waves and coral reefs are some of the Maldive’s most famous surf spots and we are lucky enough to have “Pitstop” a step away from our front door. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself or your loved ones then this is the place to be. 


Lombok’s irresistible charm stems from its wealth of exceptional surf spots, breathtaking natural landscapes, and vibrant traditional Sasak culture, providing an exclusive sanctuary for surf and yoga enthusiasts alike.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the island by opting to stay at Surf & Yoga Retreats Lombok, nestled within the untouched beauty of Lombok’s landscapes.

Embark on the exhilarating experience of riding pristine waves surrounded by stunning natural scenery, all while engaging in revitalizing yoga practices that promote harmony of mind, body, & spirit. 


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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Here at Surf and Yoga we believe that your workplace should feel like your second home, that’s why we have complete trust in our team. Surf and yoga family are always looking to grow and learn together. We believe that good people can learn new skills and share their knowledge with others. If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime then send us your details telling us a little about yourself and what you can bring to the team! Hope to see you soon.

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When welcoming you in our retreats we know how important your stay with us is. We pride ourselves in giving you the best experience, sharing good times together and making those memories you will never forget.

Meeting new people and learning together is part of the exchange with you that we love. So let’s grow together and have fun, lots of it!

with love,

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