Priyal took a walk to his home beach with his sister when he was 18 and saw people surfing for the first time. Two days later, his late uncle Boti took him to a friend of his, Buddy, to teach him how to surf. Ever since that day, he has been simply hooked onto surfing, and he wouldn’t do anything else. 

He found a passion in hosting travelling surfers since then, and giving them surf classes. After he completed his level one ISA coaching certificate in Mahabalipuram India, he became officially certified to teach. This opened up many avenues for him, along with his graduation in business management, he started the first Surf & Yoga retreat in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. 

The rest of the retreats were simply magic, ask him in person  when you meet him at one  of our retreats! 

Surf & Yoga Retreats Creators

– CANGGU, Bali –

Malte, Micha, and Leslie

Malte, Micha, and Leslie are not just business partners; they’re kindred spirits on a journey to create a special space where people can come together to share new experiences and foster personal growth. Their shared love for surfing, yoga, and the spiritual richness of Bali inspired them to embark on this adventure.

Each of them brings something unique to the table. Micha, the artistic surfer, Malte, the soulful meditator, Leslie, the enthusiastic communicator, infuse the retreat with warmth and authenticity, ensuring that guests feel not just welcomed, but truly at home.

For Malte, Micha, and Leslie, this venture is not just about business; it’s a new path in life, filled with fresh experiences and exciting challenges. They chose Canggu which perfectly aligns with their vision of creating a holistic sanctuary for mind, body, and soul in a vibrant area.



Three years back, Nastassia decide to quit her job as a lawyer in Belgium. Fueled by her love for surf and yoga, she embarked on a thrilling journey across the globe. From Europe to Asia, she found her place in the Surf & Yoga Retreats family, pouring her heart into ensuring every guest felt like they belonged, fostering connections that stretched far beyond borders.

But it was Lombok that stole her heart. Its pristine beaches, welcoming locals, and the perfect fusion of surf culture and laid-back vibes drew her in instantly. That’s when the idea struck – to create a sanctuary on this untouched paradise, where travelers could immerse themselves in its beauty while honoring its traditions.

Driven by a desire to deepen her connection to surf and yoga, she ventured to India for a rigorous 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. It was a journey of self-discovery and growth, paving the way for her to share her passion with others.



Joana is an adventurous and energized woman. Self-taught explorer with a knack for trying a little bit of everything, her path crossed Priyal in Arugam Bay in 2022.

Yoga teacher herself, she firmly believes that if everyone embraced a bit more the principles of Yamas and Niyamas, the world could truly become a better place.

Curious about the world, its singularity, and beauty, she is passionate about expanding Surf & Yoga Retreats worldwide to share the unique beauty that arises from the combination of surf and yoga.

A simple and barefoot life near the ocean while drinking a daily coconut : her definition of happiness.



Carolina starts practicing yoga when she was only 3 years old at her gymnastic class at her kindergarten thaught by one of her favorite childhood teacher from India. 
Years later after a burnout at a corporate job she found herself back to a yoga class and since then her life completely changed. She quits her job and takes her practice to the next level and starts teaching classes for a variety of people. 
She also starts surfing at her home break in Portugal enjoying a life surfing in between her yoga classes and her soundhealing sessions and its last year she fullfills her dream to bring the retreat to Portugal giving the opportunity to show others a life between this healing practices that fills Carolina’s days with so much joy.